Instructions for RUS Form 830 (2-04)


This form is used for distribution and transmission line project construction.


This contract form also requires the addition of a number of attachments in order to form a complete contract.  See RUS Bulletin 1726I-602, Attachments to Electric Program Standard Contract Forms, for additional information.


The instructions for submitting this form (if required) are included in 7 CFR 1726, Electric System Construction Policies and Procedures.

Notice and Instructions to Bidders (to be completed by the Owner/Engineer before release for bid.)

Fld Name /
Item No.


Paragraph 1

First Blank:  Enter Owner’s name.

Second Blank:  Enter Owner’s RUS designation (e.g., AL001)

Third through Sixth Blanks:  Enter the time and date of the bid opening.

Seventh Blank:  Enter Owner’s address.

Paragraph 3

First and Second Blanks:  Enter the Engineer’s name and address.

Third Blank:  Enter amount bidder must pay to obtain necessary documents.  (If they are provided without charge, enter “0” or “None”)

Para. 17.d

Enter the contact information for highway and road authorities.


Signature Block

Enter Owner’s name, signer, title, and date.



Fld Name /
Item No.


First Blank

Owner or Bidder enters Owner’s name.

Article I, Section 5

Owner enters the documents that constitute the complete contract.

Article I, Section 7

Bidder enters the Contractor’s License information as indicated.

Article II, Section 1a.

Owner enters the schedule information indicated.

Article II, Section 1c.

Owner enters the sequence information indicated.

Article III, Sections 1d. and 1 e.

Owner enters the interest rate as indicated in the footnotes.

Article IV, Section 1f.

Owner enters the right-of-way data as indicated.

Article V, Section 2

Owner enters the daily Liquidated Damages amount.

Article VI, Section 6a.

Bidder enters the EEO information indicated.

Article VI, Section 11

Owner indicates whether the contract requires RUS approval (see 7 CFR 1726 for criteria.)

Signature Block

Bidder enters Bidder’s name and date.  (Sign printed copy.)


Acceptance (to be completed by the Owner)

Fld Name /
Item No.


First Blank

Enter successful bidder’s name.

Second Blank

Enter a description of the contract scope.

Third Blank

Enter the total contract price.

Signature Block

Enter Owner’s name and contract date.  (Sign printed copy.)