Instructions for RUS Form 740g

Application for Headquarters Facilities


See RUS Regulations 7 CFR 1710, 7 CFR 1724, 7 CFR 1726, 7 CFR 1788, 7 CFR 1792,

7 CFR 1794 and Bulletin 1724E-400 for RUS policy and procedure for obtaining headquarters facilities, and the methods of financing.


Submit to RUS an original and two (2) copies of this form and applicable supporting data, as set forth below.


The cost of items 2(b) and (d) is automatically determined when the number of square feet and appropriate cost per square foot are entered in the appropriate locations. Include the cost of all mechanical work except air conditioning.


The cost of other construction (except fence) is to be estimated on a lump-sum basis.


Describe any exceptions to the compliance with Public Law 90-480 (42 U.S.C. 4151)



Fld. Name/Item No.

Instructions Section A


A. If New Construction, furnish:


A justification for the need of the proposed facilities. Include a brief description of all presently used facilities. Show the approximate number of square feet of space used for office, garage, and warehouse purposes in the main building and at each branch. State whether they are owned or rented and their present adequacy. Make known also any plans for future additions, adequacy. Make known also any plans for future additions, relocations, replacements, disposal or abandonment of any of the facilities.


A description of the site, including:


(a)    A summary statement, indicating general location of site and information on its availability, adequacy, accessibility, desirability, etc.

(b)   A plot plan showing size, streets, roads, alleys, existing and proposed structures, distance to nearest town, and other pertinent information.

(c) A legal description of the property.

(d) Information as to cost of land and evidence of title clearance in

accordance with RUS Bulletin 20-8.


A floor plan. Show dimensions and identify the rooms


A brief outline of the specifications


An estimate of the annual taxes and insurance costs.


If Energy Efficiency, show all costs, in the space provided, that are associated with additional energy efficiency measures beyond the required Federal, state or local building codes and standards. This cost may or may not be part of the overall building construction cost shown above. Please identify, in the

Remarks section, the measures taken, the estimated savings to be realized in addition to the cost.

B. If Purchase, furnish:


Same as 1, 2, and 5 of paragraph A.


A floor plan of the facilities to be purchased; inside and outside photographs; and a description of the general condition and type of construction of walls, floors, roof, ceiling, and plumbing, electric and heating systems.

C. If Remodeling, furnish:


A description of the proposed alterations. Where extensive remodeling is planned, furnish plans and specifications similar to 3 and 4, of paragraph A