Instructions for RUS Form 490 (Rev.09-03)


A completed RUS Form 490 is part of the loan application for RUS loans to improve and extend telecommunications services in rural areas. In addition to a completed RUS Form 490, the loan application includes additional information depicted in 7 CFR 1737 available at form is used by telecommunications entities, public bodies, cooperatives, and nonprofit, limited dividend, or mutual associations to apply for hardship loans, RUS cost-of-money and Rural Telephone Bank loans, and guaranteed loans. RUS dos not make loans to individuals.

This form must be completed as follows:

Item No.



Enter the complete legal name of the company and the company address including the street, city state, and zip code.



Check one of the three boxes to indicate the organization type of your company.


Check one of the two boxes to indicate the loan maturity.If you check box "a," please insert in the blank provided the loan maturity of the loan in years not to exceed 35 years.If you check box "b," RUS will base the loan maturity on the composite life of facilities financed in the loan plus 3 years.


Enter the loan amount you are applying for.


Enter in item "a" the total number of telecommunications exchanges your company serves. Insert in item "b" the number of telecommunications exchanges where facilities are to be financed by this loan.


Enter in item "a" the total number of current subscribers in the entire service area. Enter in item "b" the total number of subscribers projected in the area coverage survey that your company will be serving in the entire service proposed in this loan.For more information on the area coverage survey, please refer to 7 CFR 1737 available at


Briefly summarize the purposes of the loan and include the estimated loan amount associated with each of the loan purposes.


Check the appropriate box to indicate if your company is or has been delinquent on any Federal Debt such as taxes, direct government or guaranteed loans, etc. Any payment that is past due by more than 31 days is considered delinquent by RUS for purposes of filling out this form.


An authorized official must sign the form.Include the title and the date in the spaces indicated.This certifies that the information provided is correct and that the applicant has been notified of the Federal collection policies in the case of delinquency.

A hard copy of this form, with supporting materials as specified in 7 CFR 1737, should be provided to your General Field Representative.