Instructions for RUS Form 236


This form is used for engineering services for distribution, transmission, and communications and control facilities.


The instructions for submitting this form (if required) are included in 7 CFR 1724, Electric Engineering, Architectural Services and Design Policies and Procedures.


Fld Name /
Item No.


Paragraph 1

First and Second Blanks:  Enter date of Agreement

Third Blank:  Enter Owner’s name.

Fourth and Fifth Blanks:  Enter Engineer’s name and location.

Paragraph 2

First Blank:  Enter Owner’s RUS designation (e.g., AL001)

Remaining Blanks:  Enter the details of the project as indicated

Article II, Section 4

Indicate the party responsible for providing the soil test data.

Article II, Section 10

Enter the types of additional drawings required.

Article VI, Section 2

Enter the maximum compensation under the Agreement.

Article VI, Section 4

Enter the interest rate as indicated.

Article VII, Section 15

Enter the name and license information for the individual who will be in responsible charge of the project.

Signature Block

Enter Owner’s and Engineer’s names.  (Sign printed copy.)

Schedule A

Enter the details of the compensation agreement.