Instructions for RUS Form 198


This form is used for equipment purchases.


This contract form also requires the addition of a number of attachments in order to form a complete contract.  See RUS Bulletin 1726I-602, Attachments to Electric Program Standard Contract Forms, for additional information.


The instructions for submitting this form (if required) are included in 7 CFR 1726, Electric System Construction Policies and Procedures.

Notice and Instructions to Bidders (to be completed by the Owner/Engineer before release for bid.)

Fld Name /
Item No.


Paragraph 1

First Blank:  Enter the delivery point (project location.)

Second Blank:  Enter the Owner’s name.

Third Blank:  Enter the Owner’s RUS designation (e.g., AL001)

Fourth through Seventh Blanks:  Enter the time and date of the bid opening.

Eighth Blank:  Enter the Owner’s address.

Ninth and Tenth Blanks:  Indicate whether the bids will be publicly opened and read (Formal Competitive Bidding) or privately opened (Informal Competitive Bidding.)

Paragraph 2

First and Second Blanks:  Enter the Engineer’s name and address.

Third Blank:  Enter amount bidder must pay to obtain necessary documents.  (If they are provided without charge, enter “0” or “None”)

Paragraph 7

Enter objective, monetary evaluation factors that will be considered in the evaluation of the bids.

Signature Block

Enter the Owner’s name, signer, title, and date.



Fld Name /
Item No.


First Blank

Owner or Bidder enters Owner’s name.

Article 1, Section 1

First and Third Blanks:  Owner or Bidder enters the name of the item(s) to be furnished.

Second and Fourth Blanks:  Bidder enters the bid price(s) of the item(s) to be furnished.

Fifth Blank:  Owner or Bidder enters the delivery point (project location.)

Article I, Section 3

Owner enters the documents that constitute the complete contract.

Article II, Section 1

Owner enters the delivery information indicated as either a time period for delivery or a specific date for delivery.

Article III, Section 1a.

Owner a time period sufficient to allow installation and testing of the equipment.

Article VI, Section 5a.

Bidder enters the EEO information indicated.

Article VI, Section 8

Owner indicates whether the contract requires RUS approval (see 7 CFR 1726 for criteria.)

Signature Block

Bidder enters Bidder’s name, address, and date.  (Sign printed copy.)


Acceptance (to be completed by the Owner)

Fld Name /
Item No.


First Blank

Enter successful bidder’s name.

Second Blank

Enter a description of the equipment to be furnished.

Third Blank

Enter the total contract price.

Signature Block

Enter Owner’s name and contract date.  (Sign printed copy.)