Instructions For CCC-679


This form is used to obtain a lien waiver for commodities that are pledged for a commodity loan from the Commodity Credit Corporation or being sold to the Commodity Credit Corporation under a purchase agreement.  This form also designates how loan proceeds should be disbursed when another party has a lien on the commodity.

Submit the original of the completed form in hard copy or facsimile or scan and email to the appropriate USDA servicing office.


Customers who have established electronic access credentials with USDA may electronically transmit this form to the USDA servicing office, provided that (1) the customer submitting the form is the only person required to sign the transaction, or (2) the customer has an approved Power of Attorney (Form FSA-211) on file with USDA to sign for other customers for the program and type of transaction represented by this form.


Features for transmitting the form electronically are available to those customers with access credentials only.  If you would like to establish online access credentials with USDA, follow the instructions provided at the USDA eForms web site.


Producers and or lienholders must complete items 1 through 7.

Items 1-7

Fld Name /
Item No.



County Name and Address

County Name and Address, including zip code.  The following link will provide access to a Service Center Locator.;jsessionid=AEC4D2CF04D60A9D8665E2AD29842CD1?service=action/1/CountyMap/1/NavBar.HomeLink



County Office Telephone Number


County Office telephone number, including area code.


County Office Fax Number

County Office Fax Number, including area code.


Name and Address of Producer

Enter the name and address including zip code of person requesting the CCC loan.


Crop Year

Enter crop year of the commodity.



Enter the name of the commodity or “All Crops”


Statement of lienholder on

Distribution of Proceeds

The lienholder must indicate how the monetary proceeds are to be distributed by entering a check mark in one of the boxes provided.


Name and Address of

 Lienholder or Authorized Agent


Enter the name and address of the lienholder(s) or the lienholder’s authorized agent.

7A -7C

Lienholder’s Signature, Title/ Relationship & Date

The lienholder(s) or authorized agent identified in Item 6 must provide signature(s), Title/Relationship and the date signed.


Submit the completed form in hard copy, scanned to email or facsimile to the appropriate USDA servicing office