Instructions for CCC-29



Warehouse operators use this form to enter into a Processed Commodities Storage Agreement to store and handle processed commodities, which are owned by CCC or subject to any other interest of CCC.


Submit the original of the completed form in hard copy or facsimile to the Kansas City Commodity Office, Commodity Management Division, STOP 8478, P.O. Box 419205, Kansas City, MO 64141-6205; telephone 816-926-2848 or FAX 816-926-6595.


Customers who have established electronic access credentials with KCCO may electronically transmit this form to KCCO.Features for transmitting the form electronically are available to those customers who would like to establish online access credentials with KCCO, follow instructions provided at the USDA eForms web site.


Items 5A and 5B are for CCC use.


Warehouse Operators must complete Items 1 through 4C.

Items 1 - 4

Fld Name /
Item No.



Agreement Number

Enter the CCC assigned Agreement Number, if available.


Warehouse Operator Name

Enter the legal entity name of warehouse.


Principal Place of Business

Enter the warehouse location(s) (town, county, state).


Warehouse Operator Signature

Item 4A.††† Enter the warehouse operatorís name as it appears on page 1.


Item 4B.†††† Enter the signature of an authorized individual, i.e., corporate officer, partner, or proprietor signing for the warehouse operator.


Item 4C.††† Enter the title of the person signing for the warehouse.


If you are the person signing in Item 4B, print the form and manually

enter your signature.


Item 5 reserved for CCC use only.